J. M. Cools

Nov 6, 2017

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Found here. Roughly types 2–4 would all fall under the category of “curly” hair.

Let’s Talk About Racism and The Natural Hair Movement

Clutch Your Curls Because This Is Gonna Get Messy

White Women Don’t Belong in Natural Hair Spaces

This article is just as hostile as it sounds. To summarize, the author, New Black Woman, expresses her displeasure with a Q&A on a website called Curly Nikki. The Q&A consisted of the white woman’s, Sarah’s, curly hair journey, the struggles she faces and her overall acceptance of her curl texture. Anyone one who has curly hair who lives in a culture that praises straight hair can really relate to this. In any movie where the main character is an ugly duckling in need of a makeover usually has curly hair and they get it straightened and suddenly they’re beautiful. The most memorable example I can think of is Mia from the Princess Diaries.

Found here

Natural Hair For White Girl

Alternatively, I found an article that directly polarized the former. This article written by Nicole Mullen a “fun mom and a teacher at a retarded school” writes about how she’s tired of the natural hair movement getting so much attention. As she describes, “I always want to reach out and touch their hair, and I often do, feigning disgust and contempt as I hide my jealousy and admiration.” In the article she goes on to say how the natural hair movement harshly excludes white women, but they don’t need to fear. She has unlocked the secret to getting natural hair just like the “sistas.” Her instructions, which are extremely dangerous, involve using gasoline, bleach, nail polish remover and gasoline on the scalp. Once you’re finished, you should be able to “be a Nubian queen” now.